What are hoodlums?

5000 uniquely generated characters all designed by @Somehoodlum , exclusively on @SturdyExchange.


roadmap 2.0 where next?


With Roadmap 1.0, our Hoodlums community has seen what we can deliver to bring everyone together through the power of NFTs with utility.

From the Lumstruments airdrop, to VIP upgrades, meetups, parties, and weekly access to some of the entertainment industries most in-demand events, we've set the pace for what an NFT project can deliver on.

We're bringing you the Roadmap 2.0 to kick it up a notch. We want to keep delivering on the insane amount of access we provide to holders so keep an eye on our twitter and discord as we deliver on each utility in real-time.

Who is @Somehoodlum?

@Somehoodlum is an artist and animator who bridges youth culture and witty humor creatively through the medium of pop art. Apart from maintaining an independent Instagram that is rapidly growing in popularity, he has collaborated with various media outlets and brands such as Amazon, Beats, Refinery 29, TBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Golden Voice, Super Deluxe, Snapchat and many more. Music collaborations include Lil Uzi Vert, Migos, 21 Savage, Schoolboy Q, Rolling Loud Music Festival, BMG, and Atlantic Records, to name a few.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to our most asked questions. If you need more information, join the Somehoodlum Discord and drop your question in the #lums-general chat. For other inquiries specifically for Somehoodlum's team reach out to: somehoodlumassistant@gmail.com